Review of “Introduction to Psychology and Counseling” by Paul D. Meier, Frank B. Minirth, Frank B. Wichern, Donald E. Ratcliff (1991 – second edition)

     The following review was done by Dr. Rudy Morgan The thesis developed by these authors intends the reader would have “begun to see how the study of psychology can be helpful in your personal Christian walk as well as in Church life. This book speaks clearly that psychology is helpful in spotting problem areas and in providing constructive alternatives. [In this context]… psychology should never be the heart of any Christian’s life or work. The only adequate foundation is Jesus Christ. Only through prayer, Bible study, and a daily walk with the Lord can the church and the … [Read more...]

Review of “A Theology of Christian Counseling” by Jay E. Adams (1979)

   Review done by Dr. Rudy Morgan The thesis shared by Dr. Jay E. Adams in this noteworthy study about “A Theology of Christian Counseling” can be shared in the following statements. “All counselors have one common goal: change. Moreover, as diverse as the various counseling systems may be – and they are quite distinct fundamentally – they all (1) see a need for change and (2) use verbal means to bring about the change, which (3) is purported to be for the benefit of the counselee. … It is dangerous to compete with the Bible, since all such competition in the end turns out to be in … [Read more...]

Review of “The Treatment of Bipolar Disorder in Pastoral Counseling” by David Welton, DMin (2006)

   The following is reviewed by Dr. Rudy Morgan, Pastor of the Solid Rock Church of the Nazarene In candid fashion, Dr. David Welton acknowledges that he has suffered with Bipolar Disorder from a youth, but only diagnosed in his forties. Welton has been involved in numerous types of treatments and has had failures and successes. At the time of writing, Welton has the ability to function adequately and this he has been able to do for many years. The writer is trying to enlighten all readers, but especially pastoral counselor’s about important data that would be helpful from an “insider’s … [Read more...]

Review for “Anointed Expository Preaching” by Stephen F. Olford & David L. Olford (1998)

   by       The main thesis for this book is to clearly identify to the reader the "nuts and bolts" for exemplary Christian living while diligently being faithful to expository Biblical preaching at the highest level possible. Drs. Stephen and David Olford believe that the best opportunity for revival in the Church and the leading of the largest amount of persons to the saving power of Christ is best pursued by sound expository preaching and obeying God's inerrant Word. This book relies extensively on alliteration for the formatting and explaining the thoughts that they are trying to get … [Read more...]

Review for Competent Christian Counseling, Volume One; Foundations and Practice of Compassionate Soul Care – by Timothy Clinton and George Ohlschlager (2002)

The thesis shared by Clinton and Ohlschalager in being executive editors for this extensive volume is an “outline for generic, or universal, counseling process that is becoming the accepted standard of practice around the world – a model of brief intervention that averages two to eight sessions per case. These development, case managed steps involve counseling intake, data gathering and assessment, clinical diagnosis, goal setting and treatment planning, treatment and goal acquisition, and strategies for helping clients overcome their fear and resistance to counseling – based change. We … [Read more...]