Church History



Ann and I, our girls and people look back with amazement and thanksgiving to God for His favor on Solid Rock since the first time we met to launch this ministry in our pastor’s living room in Cambria Heights, Queens in 1992. To this day it has been an unusual, remarkable, at times painful, but miraculous journey. In our weaknesses God has gotten the glory in proving His strength.

Before 2002 …for a number of years it seemed like we were a wondering flock simply trying to find a worship place of stability. From two places in Cambria Heights to two different locations in Elmont, NY; even for us there were times when we wondered if all this sacrifice was worth the journey. But, God kept reminding us of His favor, and the challenge was not to quit. In the midst of all these years, people got saved from sin. Praise the Lord!

For the records, Solid Rock has birthed two other churches (Solid Rock Spanish and Franco-Creole) in our journey as a Community of Faith. This is not an insignificant matter as Church planting when the mother church is trying to stretch new spiritual muscles is reason to say, “Hallelujah.”

In the fullness of time (2001), God accurately guided our steps to this centrally located permanent place of worship and ministry at 99-15 Springfield Boulevard, Queens Village, New York 11429. What made it even more remarkable is that this gift from God came during a time that the pastor was recovering from a mild stroke and our congregation was filled with uncertainty. Only the favor and mercies of God can explain the following:

  1. Faithful people of Solid Rock who love the Lord and would not give up and refused to lose sight of the vision and mission that God has given to our congregation.

  2. Receiving this beautiful temple of God (the first Post Office in the Queens Village area code) through a simple telephone conversation at no charge. Thank you Rev. and Mrs. Daniel Attmore.

  3. Providing the legal guidance and counsel through Ms. Jennifer Housen and Mr. Michael Aspinal over a two year period. These gifts were not by human ability, but God’s favor being shown in timely ways.

  4. The circumstances that were offered to the dilapidated needs of this property, for us to enter this strategic locale in New York City; renovate and bring to where we are today is a complete transformation miracle.

  5. People who stood firm during hard days and pressures from the Deceiver so that God through the Church of the Nazarene could minister for the Cross of Jesus Christ is all about the power and favor of God. Unfortunately, some people even thought we might die, but God gave life for every season and situation that Solid Rock faced.

The miracles of God abound in the twenty one years of remarkable history for this congregation. Oh yes, we dearly wish in our ministry that far more persons would have met Christ for the first time as their personal Savior; but a number have been truly and thoroughly saved from sin and baptized; and some of our people have fought the good fight and graduated to heaven. If those are not reasons to celebrate then the Holy Bible would not be true AND THE WORD OF GOD IS ETERNALLY TRUE! Heaven celebrates with the Solid Rock Church of the Nazarene. JESUS CHRIST IS WORTHY OF ALL GLORY AND PRAISES!

We are a growing congregation that still has a clear vision and mission and with distinct goals. The opportunities to minster for the Cross at the beginning of the 21st Century in Queens, New York are mind blowing and extremely challenging.

God will send the right people, resources and spiritual gifts in the right timing for the expanding of needed ministry in our spiritually needy community and for the glory of Christ. Maybe, you want to be a part of the answers that Solid Rock faces?

The pulpit of Solid Rock is stronger and anointed by the Holy Spirit than it has ever been. The pulpit of Solid Rock refuses to water down the Gospel of full Holiness salvation offered in our Christian Bible!

Solid Rock will not grow because of our might or power, but by the faithfulness, will and power of the Holy Spirit. That truth you can take to the bank!

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