Spiritual Growth Resources (Sunday School & more)

sunday-schoolSpiritual Life Development groups for diverse ages.

(Sundays – 12: 45-1: 30 PM )

The mission of Sunday School for Solid Rock is to educate children, young people and adults in the bible, so they in turn can live lives to God’s glory and effectively change/affect their community and the world for Jesus Christ.

Small group accountability groups helps in the solidifying the disciple of Christ.

Our SDMI/Christian Education purpose are fourfold:

A. To intentionally develop relationships with unreached people until they are Christ like disciples and making Christ like disciples.

B. To teach the Word of God until children, youth, and adults are saved, sanctified wholly, and maturing in the Christian experience.

C. To help Christians grow spiritually, involving them in evangelism, Christian education, and disciple making.

D. To encourage children, youth, and adults to enroll in Sunday school, small groups and/or discipling ministries, and faithfully participate.

Adult Spiritual Life Development class each Sunday at 12; 45-1: 30 PM – see you there and your family members! There is a class for every age group.

Please call our church office at 347-342-8909 or e-mail solidrocknaz@aol.com for more information.

Please consider giving a financial love gift to Solid Rock so as to increase our services and ministries for Christ.