Pastor’s recommended reading in your Christian Journey (2016 – 2017))


Good books for the mind and heart … Remember the BIBLE is always the best book to read and meditate upon each day. If you do not have a Bible reading plan that you follow consistently … I would strongly suggest that you read and study daily from the biblical books LUKE, GENESIS, EXODUS and ACTS over the next three months. Do this at your own pace and allow God to talk to you from His life giving and changing Word.



1. For an enriched life for the serious disciple of Christ. The following book is also good for service/leadership in the home, on the job and among family and friends.

Kevin Myers & John C. Maxwell (2014). Home Run. Faith Works, NY.    imagesI602HPFM

 [This is a book that will be used by the Holy Spirit to change your life]

2. For parents with continued concern for their teens and adult children…

Stormie Omartian (2009). The Power of Praying for Your Adult Children. Harvest House Publishers.

3.   For husbands and wives building stronger communication and relationships.

Stormie Omartian (2001). The Power of a Praying Husband. Harvest House Publishers.

4. Good devotional holiness material for growing believers. Also, helpful for discussion at family devotions.

Rudy Morgan (2006). Work Clothes for Christian Living from the Heart of the Apostle James. This book can only be obtained from the Church office of Solid Rock Church of the Nazarene.  imagesCJLZQ9H3

5. For Christians trying to deal with the growing cultural shifts in NYC. For someone who desires to change in a Christ-like positive ways in a diverse environment.

George Barna (2001). Boiling Point. Regal Books.

6. Healthy food for fellow pastors and preachers …

Gary L. McIntosh and Charles Arn (2013). What Every Pastor Should Know. Baker Books.

7. For persons dealing with the matter of suffering in a number of ways.

Henri Nouwen (1972 – this is a classic which requires reflection). The Wounded Healer. Image Books.

8. For persons desiring more meaning and fruitfulness in prayer…

 Stormie Omartian (2013). The Power of a Prayer? Warrior: How God Wants to Use You in Spiritual Warfare
 Publisher: Harvest House Publishers ISBN: 0736953663

9. Good informational book about cults and the Apologetic Christian ministry.

Walter Martin (2003). Kingdom of Cults. Bethany House Publishers.

10. Understanding and reaching people with the Gospel who are religiously unaffiliated.

James Emery White (2014). The Rise of the Nones. Baker Publishing Group.

11. www.utmost.organother excellent/deeper spiritual life devotional site presented by RBC ministry.

12. Uplifting and encouraging music 

13. Good reggae gospel music  (Grace Thrillers)

14. Let your life be lifted with praises through music to our Lord God and Savior (Hezekiah Walker in ministry)